If you are like a lot of Wisconsin residents, at one time or another you have applied for a job at CNH (Case) or one of the other major employers in the area.  There is a new scam targeting job searchers.  Emails are going out advising people that they have been identified as an applicant who may have been discriminated against by {insert major employer}.  The email will request that you click on a link to fill out the survey.  Below is the text included in one of these emails.  I have seen this exact same email with Fiat and CNH. 

A few things that should raise a red flag.  "This is not a scam" is in the actual text of the email.  Secondly, it invites you to call the office, however the number they list is the fax number.  There is no direct line to individual EEOC offices, they are all routed under one 800 number.   I called the EEOC today and held for the requisite 60 minutes (yes 60 minutes) and was informed that this was indeed a phishing email.

Dear CNH job applicant:

U.S. Equal Employment  Opportunity Commission ("EEOC"), an agency of the United
States Government, is  currently investigating whether FIAT INTERNATIONAL
or one of its subsidiaries  has discriminated against job applicants and
employees because of their age, in  violation of The Age Discrimination in
Employment Act of 1967, as amended  (ADEA).

The EEOC has identified you
as a person who applied for  employment with CNH.  In order to assist the
EEOC in determining whether you  are someone whose rights may have been
violated, we are requesting that you  complete and submit this electronic survey
as soon as possible.  This is an  official inquiry, not a scam, and it
can be confirmed by calling the office  listed below or noting that we have a
.gov e-mail account.  The survey we ask  you to complete is short and
easy to execute.  Please click on the following  link to begin your secure
and password protected survey:   

Click here
for the survey

questionnaire  and your answers are confidential.  Please note that it
is a violation of  federal law for any current or former employer to retaliate
against you because  you have participated in a federal EEOC
investigation.  For additional  information concerning the EEOC,
please visit www.eeoc.gov.   

Thank  you for your

United States Equal Employment Opportunity
Philadelphia District Office
801 Market Street,
  Suite 1300 
Philadelphia , PA 19107
Phone: (215)
TTY: (800)  669-6820 

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