File this one under "if it too good to be true, it probably is."  It sounds wonderful, the nicest boss ever,  great pay, the opportunity to work from home- or have them open a call center near you, travel opportunities, a total dream job.   Kelli Moore will tell you all about her companies- Moore Exposure, Moore Transition, Moore Fun and about all the wonderful things they are doing- including creating a million dollar infomercial, giving away huge prizes and traveling all over the country. 

Here's the victim's story, with names changed to protect them:

I replied to an ad on Craigslist and was called by Kelli Moore on a Friday.  She was so sweet and we hit if off right away, spending nearly 8 hours on and off the phone that day.  We discussed the problems she had with employees in the past and she offered me a management position starting at $40K a year with the potential of growing into a VP position that paid $140K in a few months.   I started immediately and she provided me with a corporate email and phone number that was forwarded to my cell phone.  

That Saturday, I got a call from her web designer.  She claimed she hadn't been paid in 2 months and couldn't get in touch with neither Kelly nor Janeene, her admin.  Since Kelli had mentioned her in her list of employees who she felt were padding the time sheets, I didn't get involved but passed the into on to Kelli.   She became unglued, furious that "Susie" (not her real name) and said she had already talked to her about this but would handle it on Monday because she didn't work on weekends.  That Monday, Kelli sent me an email explaining that she had talked to "Susie" and that it wasn't lack of payment but a missing check that had been mailed to the wrong address. She also mentioned several times that Susie had been warned not to bother me again.  I didn't quite understand this because my position was supposed to handle the employees, why didn't she want me involved. Then she dropped the next bomb.  Janeene wasn't a real person.  It was an alter-ego she had created to make her look more professional and to have someone to act as a gatekeeper for her. (So if Janeene said Kelli was unavailable, that was Kelli pretending to be Janeene and giving you the run-around)

I called "Susie" and acted like I was just following up.  She unloaded on me, telling me that not only had her first check "mysteriously" disappeared in the mail several times, first it was the wrong street number, then it was the wrong zip code etc. But also her second check, which should have been direct deposited never showed either.  She said she understood that Kelli had just had reconstructive surgery on Friday, or at least that was what Janeene had said.  This started me really thinking- because I knew this was a lie heaped on a lie.  Kelli did not have reconstructive surgery on Friday because she was on the phone with me all day. And Janeene is Kelli.  So we started comparing stories that weren't matching up.   She was so livid, she asked if I had Kelli's mailing address because she was sending a certified letter.  I didn't have a mailing address so I looked it up.  Out of curiosity, I looked the address up on Google Maps.  Kelli had mentioned that she lived on a gated estate- the address was for a TRAILER!    This wasn't the address Susie had, so we looked up her address.   This was for a Victorian in a commercial/residential area in Georgia and there was a realtor sign out front.  When I googled the address, I found a real estate listing.   So I called the realtor to find out if this was a residential or commercial property.

When I explained I was seeking information on a company that might have an office in the building, he sighed and asked what company~ like he already knew.  When I told him, he laughed and said "so she is alive."  He explained that she had been a good tenant for a couple of months and then disappeared and he had to have the Marshall come in to evict her.  So then I had an employee who said she wasn't getting paid and she had been evicted from the place she was claiming to do business in.

I do not know if she is running a scam, supposedly her company does travel and tours for colleges and whatnot, but I couldn't find any colleges that listed her as a tour.  She also claims that they give away a new house (yes HOUSE) and a new car every year as a raffle, but no one seems to have any information on this.  The web designer asked her for photos of the previous winners and she "lost" them. I am not sure if she is really ripping people off or just a really bad business person, but what I do know is I didn't want to be involved with someone who doesn't pay bills and I surely wasn't going to recruit people to perform jobs they probably wouldn't get paid for.

I did a little research into the company.  The do have a website and there few mentions of this company other than on sites like Manta.  We did find a job listing from her   She is also affiliated with something called ELMS college tours but most of the links found on google are dead links.  A search on whois shows a different address than the business address and like the complaint states, one is a trailer and one is a commercial real estate location. There were no BBB complaints or any other mention of her or these companies.

There were numerous red flags, such as the immediate job offer and overly generous salary. Plus of course the promise of a six figure income.   The fact that she kept talking about employees who "ripped her off" and found the need to hide behind a faux admin sounds like she was setting the scene for more excuses and avoidance.  I am not sure what her game might have been, but I am glad the applicant cut and ran before she wasted time and effort and possibly got herself caught up in a legal mess.